Prophetic Word: Trump Florida Rally initiates National Call To American Church to Prayer!

I must say that the last four years of the presidency of Donald Trump has been one of the most successful terms of any president in history. The enemy, hidden behind the cover of media, has all but failed in the removal of Donald Trump from office ! Trump has survived through lies against his family, fake news about Russian tampering with election, and more. He has shaken the politics of this nation. The church can not understand how much it needed these last four years. Only with eyes of the spirit can one truly see the impact Trump. The Cyrus President, has had in reforming America’s politics!

The Lord spoke to me to release this word to the body! As I watched the president’s rally in Florida, I heard the Lord say, that the leaders must again rally the body we for the coming 2020 election! Just as was done in the 2016 election. The last election, even in the secular media, was called The Evangelical Victory! I have never seen a time, in which the church came together like they did during the first election of Donald Trump. As I watched President Trump’s rally in Florida, I felt that a rally of the saints will shortly begin to unite the church to intercede and stand with him. I was recently given a vision of Trump winning this coming election. In this vision I saw a television screen with his 2020 victory flashing across it. However, as I prayed into this vision I was given something else:

The Father revealed to me that President Trump’s victory was contingent upon the prayers and partnership of the church; just as it was before in the previous election! The church has an unfortunate history of getting comfortable, but we must not. This election is the second most important election in U.S history! The first was Trumps first election. The future of this nation hangs in the balance. As the Lord said to me while I watched his rally in Florida, the rally of the saints will soon begin nation wide! We again are being called to battle, to war concerning the future of this nation. Will you join this rally, by becoming an intercessor for our president, regardless of if you like him or not? Will you pray about who to vote for, and not allow the voices of media to cloud what’s being said in the spirit?

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