Prophetic word: Kamala Harris Is about to Rise The Top Of The Democratic Party

I was given a word from the Lord, concerning this coming election. The enemy has a plan, I saw a very radical liberal candidate rising to oppose Trump in the Democratic Party. This candidate will have the favor of the media, and will be loved by the left. I saw a women that will arise to the top of the democratic race for the next president of the United States.  I saw the women Kamala Harris rising up the ranks, they will use her color and her stance on certain issues to oppose Trump. The most important part of this vision is that the candidate will be a extremely wicked person, and a liberal. We as the church however, must pray I prophesied Trump will be reelected against all odds. The Lord will again, prove himself strong but it will be a fight in the spirit. There is a prophesy from William Braham about America falling under a women president, that would be a deceiver in disguise.  We must intercede like never before. for revival in this nation!